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Heaters - Instrumentors Supply
Inc. is proud to offer industrial
heaters from Watlow Electric, Process
Technology, Glo-Quartz, and other
heater manufacturers for all your
heating application requirements.
From simple band and strip heaters
used in plastics processing, to
complex process heaters used in
billion dollar semiconductor Fabs, ISI
has the products to meet your electric
heating needs.
Temperature/Process Controls - Instrumentors Supply Inc. is proud to offer a full line of Watlow, Fuji, Omron, and other manufacturers’ temperature control systems, power controls, motor speed controls and other process instrument controls. With a full compliment of features and sizes from 1/32 DIN to 1/4 DIN, ISI has the right products for all your control needs.
Temperature Sensors - ISI offers temperature sensors from Watlow, Eustis, Thermologic Enterprises and other industry leading manufacturers.  From plastic injection molding to semiconductor processing and everything in-between, ISI has the right thermocouples and RTD's to support your industrial process.
Sensors - Proximity, Humidity, Motion, pH and more...Instrumentors Supply Inc. offers several leading name sensor manufacturers for all your sensing application requirements. Humidity sensors, Level, pH, ultrasonic, proximity sensors, temperature, motion sensors and other sensors are in stock, or available with short notice.
Control Panels - ISI's UL508 electrical control panels and control systems are convenient, ready-to-connect units that utilize temperature, power, multi-loop, process and related safety limit controllers in NEMA-rated enclosures. Controller options include auto-tune, PID, on-off and percent power. Industry standard I/O options meet virtually all applications while enclosure NEMA ratings and Agency approved temperature, limit and power controllers mean built-in reliability.
Counters & Timers - Instrumentors Supply Inc. offers a full line of Omron, ATC Tenor, Carlo Gavazzi and other manufacturers’ electronic counters and timers. With a full compliment of features and sizes, ISI has the right counters and timers for your industiral needs.
Manufacturers - Instrumentors Supply Inc. has partnered with leaders in the industrial heat and automation fields to provide the best in class solutions for all of your heat and process needs.

Data Logging & Acquisition - Instrumentors Supply Inc. offers versitile data logging systems to fit any need.  From cost-effect single-use dataloggers, to enterprise-class wireless systems that offer FDA 21 CFR Part 11 complience, ISI has a data acquisition and reporting solution that will meet your Quality Assurance needs.

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Instrumentors Supply, Inc. now represents Autonics Sensors & Controls

Established in 1977, Autonics Corporation is the leading manufacturer and exporter of sensors, controllers, and measuring instruments in Korea. They produce over 6,000 items which are marketed in over 100 countries, satisfying customer needs in various fields of industrial automation.

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OCEASOFT Continuous monitoring for equipment and warehousing

Reduce the risk of degradation, therapeutic ineffectiveness, food waste, and financial loss.

Help accelerate market release of products resulting from research.

Ensure quality control for products and manage public health and sanitary risks.

Optimize processes
in manufacturing, packaging, storage, and delivery to patients and consumers

Cobalt 2 is a wireless sensor-based data logger for temperature and other parameters, to monitor your refrigerators, cold rooms, freezers and deep freezers (-80°C), incubators, Nitrogen tanks, blood banks, clean rooms, and much more…
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