Manufacturers Available: Watlow, Bucan Electric, Glo-Quartz, Tutco, Tutco Sure Heat and others.
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Leister Plastic Welding
Leister Technologies Plastic Welding Heaters

Extrusion/Hot-air hand tools
Leister hot-air hand tools are used worldwide and are attractive because of their high reliability, Swiss quality and comprehensive selection of system accessories and consumable materials.

Automatic welders/welding machines

Flexibility and quality are required in receptacle and tank construction. Leister has the perfectly suited range of handheld extrusion welders and hot-air hand tools for this task, both with and without external air blowers.
Leister Technologies Process Heat Systems

Leister hot-air systems are deployed in countless industrial production processes. There is hardly an industry which does not profit from the diverse advantages - whether through cost-effectiveness or because many processes simply become more efficient with hot-air. Our extensive product range includes:

• Innovative, system-compatible air heaters
• Powerful, robust blowers
• Compact, flexible hot-air blowers
• Comprehensive range of accessories
Leister Process Heat Systems
Osram Heat Guns
Tutco SureHeat Skorpion Heat Gun

The SKORPION™ Heat Gun represents the perfect combination of power, size, reliability, and control in Air Heating technology.  Featuring a built-in PID temperature control with LED display, just set the control to any temperature up to 1400°F (760°C) and SKORPION™ regulates it to + 2°F (1°C). Digital readouts of the set point and the actual temperature let you dry, shrink, seal, and melt with complete accuracy, control, and confidence.

SKORPION™’s metal blower, housing and Tutco SureHeat’s unique Serpentine heating element make it a robust heat gun that is easy to use, install, and maintain. An adjustable air damper provides flow control.  SKORPION™ has the same foot print, mounting, and inter-connect dimensions of popular, European manufactured heat guns making replacement simple and worry free.
Osram Process Heaters
Tutco SureHeat Process Heat Systems

Tutco SureHeat air heater use serpentine elements designed for efficient transfer of energy from the heater to the gas stream passing through the heater.  The result is compact and efficient air heaters that respond rapidly and maintain steady temperature.

With proper control, these electric air heaters are capable of maintaining temperatures +/- 1 Degree F.  It is possible to heat air to 1400 Deg F with one heater, 1500 Deg F with two heaters in series (as measured at exit of heater).  Tutco SureHeat air heaters can accomplish these temperature because of a high efficiency element winding at the core of each heater.
Instrumentors Supply Inc. is proud to offer industrial electric air heaters from Tutco SureHeat, Leister Technologies, and other manufacturers for all your heating application requirements. From simple inline air heaters to custom flange heaters, ISI has the products to meet your electric air heating needs.