Atlas, Bluetooth-connected single-use temperature data logger

Disposable temperature recorder for shipping and monitoring the cold chain on-the-go
Automated monitoring for transport & logistics

Monitoring conditions as close to products as possible,
from the first- to last-mile

Ensure quality control
for products, manage public health and sanitary risks.

Collect and forward data to the Cloud
using your smartphone wirelessly even through packaging

Designed for high-volume scenarios
thanks to automated data collection tools
The latest generation of OCEASOFT’s Atlas data logger is small enough to fit inside packaging, close to your sensitive products. It takes just a few clicks with the OCEAView mobile application to set up your Atlas modules for their mission.

With Bluetooth wireless technology, Atlas readings can be collected, even through packaging, at any time.

Data is recorded in Atlas memory, then typically transmitted to the OCEACloud platform via one or more smartphones during the mission. Once on the web, data is accessible 24/7 via the OCEAView web application from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

E-mail notification is sent if anomalies or excursions are detected, so you can react fast.

With OCEASOFT’s optional programming bench, you can program Atlas missions wirelessly in just two seconds (via NFC - Near Field Communication - available soon).

You can simplify wireless data collection with the optional OCEABridge gateway, which collects and uploads data to the Cloud automatically.
How does Atlas work?
Small enough for mobile monitoring close to your sensitive products, even directly inside boxes

Bluetooth 4.2 technology (5.0 Ready) for wireless reading through packaging, offering line-of-sight range up to 50 meters

Multiple parameters: temperature monitoring (soon to be completed with shock, tipping, pressure, and light sensors)

Secure data, accessible and auditable

Helps you stay in compliance with the strictest regulatory requirements: DO-160, CFR Part 11, GDP, Hygiene Pack, and HACCP

Interface with third-party systems via API
The benefits of Atlas
                                          Technical details

DO-160 compliant, developed according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GDP guidelines

Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology: free-field range up to 50 meters Bluetooth 5.0 Ready

Temperature monitoring range: -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to 158°F)

Other parameters available soon: shock, tipping, pressure, and light detection

Mission programming, tracking, and data transmission to Cloud with OCEAView
Mobile for iOS and Android. Cloud access to data with OCEAView Web application

Up to 16,000 readings stored in internal memory; unlimited storage on OCEACloud

Missions loaded automatically with NFC via the OCEASOFT programming bench (Near Field Communication - range of 4 cm)

Automated data collection with OCEABridge wireless gateway

Reports generated in Microsoft Excel and PDF formats

GPS coordinates can be included (optionally) when data is read by smartphone

Temperatures displayed in °C or °F

Automatic alert notification by e-mail (data must first be sent to OCEACloud platform)

Automated high-volume handling for mission programming (just 2 seconds per Atlas module) using OCEASOFT’s NFC-equipped programming bench (available soon).

Battery life: 1 year (depending on usage and environmental conditions)

Sensor calibration options by OCEASOFT laboratory: ISO/IEC 17025 (COFRAC) accredited, OCEASOFT certified, or NIST traceable

Dimensions: 81 x 43.4 x 8.2 mm (8.1 x 1.3 x 2.5 in.) Weight: 26.2 g (0.9 oz.) Protection index: IP30 ABS casing
The latest generation of the OCEASOFT Atlas single-use temperature data logger offers a compact design and Bluetooth connectivity to monitor your sensitive products throughout the logistics chain.

- Compact and cost-effective
- Accessible and secure data
- Simple use and configuration
- DO-160, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GDP, Hygiene Pack, HACCP
- Interface with third-party systems