Type UDM60 Indicator and Controller for Pulse Signals

µp-based digital panel meter, dual 6-DGT LCD indicator with analogue indicators, for rate, speed, frequency and period measurements. Measuring ranges, scaling and functions easily programmable from the keypad or from the PC by means of optional UdmSoft
software. UDM60 includes storage min-max functions and double level protection
password. Housing for panel mounting with front protection degree: IP67, NEMA12,  NEMA4x "Indoor use only".

• Dual 6-DGT µP-based controller with analogue indicators
• Dual rate, speed, frequency and period measurement
• Dual counter
• 0.001% RDG basic accuracy
• Range from 0.001Hz to 50kHz/20µs to 1000s
• Scalable inputs and counters
• Linearization of the inputs up to 16 points
• Special calculation functions
• NPN, PNP, NAMUR, TTL, Pick-up, free of voltage contacts and AC signal inputs
• Up to 4 independent alarm set-points (optional)
• 20mA/10VDC analog output (optional)
• Serial port RS485 or RS232 (optional)
• MODBUS, JBUS communication protocol
• Front protection degree: IP67, NEMA12, NEMA4x "Indoor use only"
Type UDM60 User Manual can be found Here