Carlo Gavazzi VariFlex RVDF Control

• AC variable speed drive for use with AC induction motors
• V/F mode, high starting torque, variable torque application
• Input voltage ranges: 1-ph 110VAC, 1-ph and 3-ph 230VAC, 3-ph 480VAC
• 2 physical frame sizes: Size A and B
• Conforms to EMC standard EN 61800-3 and EN 50178
• Parameters Setting by buttons
• IP 65 models with power switch, reverse/forward switch and potentiometer
• DIN-rail or Panel mounting
Carlo Gavazzi Variflex RVDF Controls
The VariFlex2 is a simple and compact AC variable speed drive for use with 3-phase AC induction motors. The
drives have small dimensions and can be installed Side by Side for saving and reducing space. The full range of product can supply all the voltage input from the single phase/110VAC up to the three phase/480VAC. The VariFlex2 employs state of the art microprocessor technology which controls all drive functions. All printed
circuit boards are manufactured using surface mount technology ensuring high quality and reliability.

User Manual can be found Here