Eurotherm RVD3/RVA3 and RVM3 Series 3-Phase Solid State Relays

* Industrial and commercial ovens
* Injection molding machines
* Induction Furnaces
* Solenoid/Valve Drivers
* Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
* Food processing
* Motor Controls
* ATM Machines
* Battery Chargers
* Mercury Relay Replacements

The current rating of the RVx3 Series is 75 amps total current. This means that for three phase application, the limit is 25 amps per phase.

Voltage rating is up to 600 volts AC. Superior Surge Survivalâ„¢ is a technique used to provide greater immunity to voltage transients. Internal MOVs provide additional protection.


The RVD3 accepts a DC Logic signal, the RVA3 an AC Logic signal and the RVM3 an proportional 4-20mA signal.

Firing mode

RVD3 and RVA3 units are Logic firing with zero voltage switching. RVM3 unit is Burst firing with zero voltage switching.


External high speed fuses are available, mounted in a triple fuseholder.


The built in heatsink is cooled by natural convection.

75 amp total rating allows 25 amps per phase for three phase load

600V or 500V (internal MOV) max

Superior Surge Survivalâ„¢

DC logic, AC logic and 4-20mA proportional inputs available

Control input LED

Fuses are external using triple fuseholder and fuses

CE compliant

UL recognised

CSA certified