Future Design DR5000 Circular Chart Recorder
Future Design Control DR5000 Circular Chart Recorders

Circular 10" chart recorders offering traditional ink style recording or Thermal "Print your own Chart".

Enclosure fits industry standard panel cut-out, Nema 3 as standard and comes with wall mounting brackets.

The Ink Style Recorder can be ordered to use Partlow® [counter clockwise] or Honeywell® [clockwise] Charts

* 10" Circular Chart Recorder
* Use Partlow or Honeywell charts
* Print your own chart version (higher accuracy)
* Easy Self Documenting Configuration
* Battery Back-Up (power recorder ~ 48 hours)
DR5000  User Manual

DR5000 Brochure

Future Design Controls DR5000 circular chart recorder is available in one or two* pen versions utilizing traditional drag pen as well as with Thermal "print your own chart" chart marking. The DR5000 utilizes recent microprocessor technology combined with a robust pen & chart drive gear motor design offers industry leading reliability at significantly lower cost than older legacy designs.

DR5000 Ease of Use and Configuration

Operator interface & configuration are simple with a status LED providing all operational information.

The DR5000 unique configuration chart provides documentation on recorder configuration minimizing recorder configuration questions and issues of incorrect configuration.

DR5000 Options

The Options include configurable alarm outputs, Nema 4 [Nema 3 is standard], LED process value display and 9VDC battery back-up to operate the recorder for up to 48 hours without line power. Non-cataloged options for low voltage operation, input ranges, transmitter power supplies and more are available.

Traditional Ink Circular Chart Recorder Chart Types:
Partlow & Honeywell 10" charts

The DR5000 may be specified to accept either Partlow or Honeywell recorder charts allowing a form, fit and function replacement for Partlow MRC5000 and Honeywell DR4200 & DR4300 recorder only models (no PID control). The DR5000 accepting legacy charts allows both end users and OEMs flexibility to use the most cost effective circular chart recorder hardware without affecting their current procedures, part numbers and vendors for recorder charts.

Partlow charts run counterclockwise (CCW) while Honeywell charts are Clockwise (CW). The DR5000 ordering matrix allows selection of CCW or CW for chart rotation.

Thermal "Print your own Chart" Recorder

How does a Thermal Recorder work?
A single stylus print head burns a heat sensitive chart similar to fax paper producing up to two analog traces, time lines, engineering units and time and date.

What are the Performance benefits of a Thermal vs. traditional ink style recorders?

Time Accuracy:

* time / date are automatically printed on the chart edge eliminating operator action to correctly position the blank chart to a
  "start time" decal as well as any backlash issues when the operator is tightening the chart hub retaining nut. Both the
   chart position and backlash may effect the chart "real time" start point vs. chart time line.

* With two channel unit, both traces share the same "Time Line" thereby eliminating pen alignment errors consistent with
  multi-pen ink type chart recorders where two pens cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

Recorder Trace Line Accuracy (recorded process variable data):

* Trace error due to variations between paper chart suppliers is eliminated.
* Expansion & Contraction of chart paper caused by variations in ambient temperature and humidity effect accuracy of
  traditional ink style recorders. Chart paper variations do not affect the Thermal  as all trace, scale, time and divisions are
  printed by the thermal print head.

Configurable Chart Range & Rotation is standard:

* eliminates need to stock different chart ranges/rotations.
* configurable chart range allows a custom chart range specific for your applications providing easier and more accurate
  data interpretation.
Future Design PR Series Paperless Chart Recorders
Future Design Control PR Series paperless Recorders

The PR Paperless Recorder models PR10, PR20 and PR30 provide intuitive operation through 4.3”, 5.6” and 12.1” TFT touch screens. 

The number of direct analog inputs varies by model with the PR10/20/30 offering up to 6, 24 and 48 respectively as well as optionally External channels input via Serial or TCP/IP Modbus; maximum external channels are 24, 48 & 96 channels respectively. Derived Math channels are optional with the PR10/20/30 offering 15, 40 & 60 channels respectively. All analog, external, derived & digital inputs have a 100ms total sample rate. All analog, external and digital input channels are freely configurable and named to suit your process requirements.
PR Series  User Manual

PR Series Quick Start

PR Series Brochure

The PR Series display real-time measured data on the touch screen and saves data to internal memory that may be exported to external USB or SD cards as well as over a LAN with the optional PR-Data Acquisition Studio software.

Data logging supports operator freehand messages directly on the touch screen that may be saved with the Data files as well as the data files being started and stopped as a Batch operation with additional batch / lot information (optional). The data files as well as convenient report generation may be printed from the recorder via LAN to network printers or via its USB port directly to printers supporting PCL4 / PCL5 / PCL6 language.

With 200MB on-board RAM for data storage and reliable low cost SD or USB cards the PR Series is ideal for monitoring, recording and evaluating processes in a variety of applications and industries. With the optional firmware Plus 1, 2 or 3, the PR Series includes multiple additional functions including math, counters, totalizers, high frequency digital inputs, batch data logging, monitor and record external channels, create custom display views that support animation as well as meeting the requirements of CFR21 part 11.

With LAN connection the PR Series offers emails upon alarm/event conditions, interactive web server, time synchronization and direct printing to network printers.

The PR Series standard and optional features, 2-year warranty and low price make the PR Series the paperless recorder of choice!
Future Design Control CR06 Strip Chart Recorders

The CR06 offers brilliant 6-color printing, Universal temperature & process inputs, Large LED display, less than 6" panel depth, Nema 4 and RS232 communication as standard.

* Easy to Program
* Brilliant 6-color Dot Matrix printing.
* Universal Temperature & Process Inputs
* Large LED display; 18mm/0.71" High
* Short Depth: 150mm/5.9"
* DIN Panel Cutout: 138mm x 138mm
* IP65/Nema 4X
* RS232 standard
* Optional: 6 relay output, 3 digital input, RS485 Modbus (includes 6-relay output),
                3 relay output & 3 digital input, Out of Paper Sensor & Output
Future Design CR06 Strip Chart Recorders
CR06 User Manual

CR06 Brochure


* 6 relay output
* 3 digital input
* RS485 Modbus (includes 6-relay output)
* 3 relay output & 3 digital input
* Out of Paper Sensor & Output
* 2-Year Warranty.pdf


Out-of-paper option requires relay output option or combination relay output / digital input. Relay output #1 is assigned as Out-of-paper output and may also be assigned as an separate process alarm output.
Field Installed Option: 6 Relay output module

Not Field Installed Options:

* Out-of-paper
* 3 Digital Input
* 3 Relay / 3 Digital Input
Future Design VR Series Paperless Chart Recorders
Future Design Control VR Series

The VR Series Paperless Recorders, upgraded to a larger 6.4" TFT display is the most advanced and offers the largest display of an 100mm style paperless recorder available. With 8MB on-board RAM for data storage and reliable low cost Compact Flash (CF) cards the VR Series are ideal for monitoring, recording and evaluation processes in a variety of applications.  [1GB CF card standard, 2 GB optional]

The VR Series offers modular design allowing up to 18 analog inputs or a mix of analog & digital I/O utilizing plug & play I/O cards.

The standard VR Series includes 6 Timer functions and with the Extended Software now standard (Math) now includes 6 counters, an additional 18 derived channels configurable with Math Expressions and/or as Totalizers.With up to 18 analog inputs and 18 Derived channels for Math & other functions the VR 18 has potential for up to 36 channels!
VR18 User Manual

VR18 Brochure

VR06 User Manual

VR06 Brochure

When enabled, the High Security with CFR-21 Part 11 features meets the data acquisition requirements for CFR21 Part 11. The VR, whether configured for Normal or High Security, also meets the requirements of NADCAP AMS2750E for data acquisition electronic records.

The VR Series 6.4" TFT high resolution [640 x 480] display allows multiple display formats and easy-to-access keys make monitoring and setup extremely easy. Data can be stored in flash ROM, compact flash card or on a PC via RS485 or Ethernet options.

VR18 and VR06 Paperless Recorders:
VR18 allows up to 18 Analog Inputs
VR06 allows up to 6 Analog Inputs
Click here for a list of differences

Easy to Use, Easy to Configure, Easy Communication Features!

Warranty: 2 Years

Security: None, "Normal" and "CFR-21" part 11 type security features.

Communications: Observer I Software & Ethernet are standard, with optional Observer II software communicate with up to 255 recorders, DDE exchange and more. Observer I & II software information

* 6.4" Color TFT LCD with 640 x 340 resolution
* Mounting: Panel Mount or optional Bench Top
* Up to 18 Isolated universal temperature & linear inputs with 200ms scan for all channels
* High Accuracy: 18 Bit A/D input [click for more info 18Bit]
* Plug & Play I/O Cards - 6 slots
     * With 3 analog inputs per card; 18 analog input max
     * 6 Relay output per card; up to 24 Relay output
     * 6 Digital Input per card; up to 36 Digital Input
     * Retransmission mA/VDC; 3 outputs per card
     * Transmitter Power Supply; 6 24VDC/30mA per card
     * Communications: Ethernet is standard with optional RS232/485 Modbus
* Extended Screen Life - Automatic Screen shut off via time or infrared detector.
* Observer Software included to view encrypted data files and/or configuration.
* Data saved on reliable low cost Compact Flash or PC.
     * 8MB on board ROM and 1GB CF card standard, optional 2GB CF card.
* Data may be viewed on VR18 screen after saved on CF card or PC
* The standard Extended Software includes Math functions Boolean logic, totalize, count, timer and High Security with  
   CFR21 Part 11 Features. (the Extended Software was made standard August 2009).
        * Reports include daily, weekly & monthly totalize and count values.
        * Includes 18 Derived Channel assignments
* User Friendly: Simple Configuration and operation