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Band heaters – in all types and sizes at Instrumentors.com
The composition of band heaters is usually aluminized or stainless steel for sheath material and mica or mineral insulation for the insulation between the sheath and the heater core. The band heater can be configured in a single or double piece construction with a multitude number of terminations for applying the power to the heater. The power termination can be achieved by many different techniques. From post terminals to armor covered cable. The clamping arrangement to fasten or attach the heater to the object being heated can be accomplished by several different methods. Quick connectors who require minimum time for heater change out, to TIG connectors that hold the heater in a specific location for a thermocouple placement. Band heaters have multiple applications and configurations:

* Extruders 
* Blown film dies 
* Injection molding machines 
* Other cylinder heating applications
Manufacturers Available: Watlow, Bucan Electric, Heat and Sensor, Chromalox, and others.
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