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Circulation heaters provide a solution for heating liquid or gas in a complete compact unit. This package may contain the heater, temperature sensor, control and vessel with inlet and outlet connections. Included in the numerous applications for circulation heaters are heating water, transfer oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, different gases and, hot forced air. Depending on the application the heating elements are made from copper, steel, incoloy. Special applications may require other materials for the heater elements. In critical applications where sheath or element temperature can not exceed a set temperature an over temperature thermocouple may be attached to the heater element.. Heater size can range from 100 watts up to a megawatt.


* Oil and gas field equipment 
* Refineries and petrochemical plants 
* Chemical and industrial gas plants 
* HVAC duct heating 
* Open tanks and heat treat baths 
* Textile drying 
* Heat transfer and lube oil systems
Manufacturers Available:  Cast Aluminum Solutions (CAS), Glo-Quartz, Process Technology, and others
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