ISI electrical control panels and control systems are convenient, ready-to-connect packages that utilize temperature, power, multi-loop, process and related safety limit controllers in NEMA-rated enclosures. Controller options include auto-tune, PID, on-off and percent power. Industry standard I/O options meet virtually all applications while enclosure NEMA ratings and Agency approved temperature, limit and power controllers mean built-in reliability. Solid state power controllers are available in single-phase, and three-phase/two and three leg configurations with phase angle or burst fire switching. Control boxes are available in ratings up to 50 amps, while standard control panels are available in ratings up to 300 amps. Custom control panels are available up to 1600 amps or more. UL 508 panel listed, certifications are also available.
Electrical control panel for 8 zone heat control
8 Zone Heat Control Panels: All Solid State, with Circuit breaker protection, Custom panel enclosure to meet OEM requirements
1 zone heat control panels
1 Zone Heat Control Panels: Stainless Steel NEMA 4X To be used in a Potato Processing plant. This panel also has a High Limit Alarm control.
One of the custom test control panels for Nuclear Research project
Custom Laboratory Test Panel Used for Nuclear Research projects. The control panel based electrical control system allows scientists to regulate a thermal process with advanced Cascade PID logic as well as adjust the heaters applied voltage. The user is also able to see both, the Voltage and Current applied to the load. A built in hour timer tracks the length of the test.
Control panel  based electrical control system for turnkey de-ionized water heater
The large black unit on the lower right is a 3 phase Watlow SCR with the 4-20 mA command signal from the Watlow Control provides precise regulation of De-ionized Water flowing in to the customer’s process. 

This system has been in service for over 10 years and has performed flawlessly.
1 zone top heat control panels
1 Zone tilt top Heat Control Panels with high limit alarm. The tilt top design reduces operator fatigue for this work station. A Lighted red alarm light alerts the operator of any over temperature conditions, and has a built in reset button to end the alarm.
Electrical control panels for 2 zone water heating
This 2 zone Heating Control panel features solid state relay outputs with DIN rail mounted high limit controls that interrupt the heaters power via contactors should any over temperature condition occur.
Control panel based movable electrical control system for hot oil
This hot oil system was built from the ground up . It is designed to be moved via fork lift. It has a built-on steel frame to protect components from the rugged industrial environment. The system is a true turn key thermal system requiring the customer simply to connect power and fluid lines to operate. The on board control panel uses Watlow digital controls for both pressure and temperature.
Electrical control panels with light sensors
These types of control panels read a signal from a Light Sensor to read the light passing through a customer’s product. If the product is too transparent the red light alerts the operator, if too opaque then the yellow light is lit. A digital panel meter allows the operator to read and make alarm set points.
4 zone heating control panels
This 4 zone heating control panel (shown with the cover removed) regulates very low voltage high amp electric heaters. The control is fed by a low voltage transformer.
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