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Flexible heaters and heating elements – large variety at Instrumentors.com
Flexible heaters are thin, bendable and shaped to fit almost any type of equipment. Heat can be applied to the most complex shapes, geometries, curves and pipes conceivable without sacrificing efficiency or dependability.
Excellent heat transfer results from the heater's thin design and direct bonding to an application. Flexible heaters provide fast heat-up and cool-down rates, uniform heat distribution and high watt densities.


* Medical equipment such as blood
   analyzers, respiratory therapy units and
   hydrotherapy baths 
* Freeze protection for military hardware,
   aircraft instrumentation and hydraulic
* Battery heating 
* Foodservice equipment 
* Factory bonding and subassemblies 
* Any application requiring a flexible shape
   or design
Manufacturers Available:  Watlow, Michaels Enterprises and others
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