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Instrumentors Supply Inc. is proud to offer industrial electric heaters and industrial infrared heaters from Watlow Electric, Process Technology, Glo-Quartz, and other heater manufacturers for all your heating application requirements. From simple band and strip industrial electric heaters used in plastics processing, to complex process heaters used in billion dollar semiconductor Fabs, ISI has the products to meet your electric heating needs. Of course, the highest quality efficient industrial heaters require the highest quality technical support. This is where ISI sets itself apart from other providers. Our sales staff have had on-site or off-site factory training, as well as years of application specific experience.
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Efficient industrial band heaters
Industrial electric cable heaters
Industrial electric cartridge heaters
Industrial electric cast-in heaters
Industrial ceramic heaters
Industrial electric circulation and process heaters
Efficient flexible electric heaters
Industrial heat tapes
Industrial multi-cell heaters
Industrial quartz heaters
Industrial infrared and radiant heaters
Efficient electric strip heaters
Thick film industrial heaters
Tubular electric efficient heaters

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