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Over the past two decades, the measurement and use of pH has grown dramatically. This parameter has come out of the laboratory and is now being monitored in areas such as the environment, food, agriculture, horticulture, waste water, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industry, fish farming, metal finishing, education and anywhere quality is important.
Hanna has developed a complete range of meters, each catering to the specific needs of particular market segments. As a result, Hanna pH meters represent the most comprehensive range of portable and bench-top instrumentation on the market and provide the users with the most expansive choice possible.
Features Available:

* Portable pH Meters/Bench pH 
* Meters/Application Specific/ 
* Simulators and Calibrators 
* Interchangeable probes 
* Ergonomic design 
* Automatic Temperature
Manufacturers Available: Hanna and others.
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