When dealing with Safety, reliability is a must.  Instrumentors Supply Inc. is proud to offer the Carlo Gavazzi line of industrial safety equipment.  The new Safety range offered by Carlo Gavazzi has been conceived and designed to satisfy the most severe applications.

Safety Standard conformity covers a wide range of products: Safety Modules, Safety Light Curtains, Encoded Safety Magnetic Sensors, Safety Mat Systems and Safety Interlock Switches.
When a dangerous situation is imminent, activating the appropriate push button stops machinery.  The 98/37/CE Directive states that an Emergency Stop is required for any machinery with moving parts.
Used for the control of presses or machines with dangerous closing devices.  This allows the operator to start the machinery only by pressing two correctly spaced push buttons simultaneously, in order to keep the hands away from the hazardous area.
Machines that require human intervention for normal operation are designed and built with safety devices that force a shut down.  If any gate preventing access to the dangerous zone gets opened during normal operation the machine is stopped.  Encoded safety magnetic sensors interfaced with safety relays are used to monitor the gates.
Developed for applications where the rotational speed of mechanical parts in the machinery can be dangerous to the operator, or to the correct operation of the machine.  By Measuring the residual voltage in the stator winding of the electric motor, the module allows the execution of certain operations.  For example, automatic spindle change in machine tools.
Used to control a side or a perimeter delimiting a dangerous point or zone, safety light curtains are used to stop the machinery every time the operator goes beyond the allowed area.  Light curtains detect the presence of the operator through the interruption of the infrared beams between a transmitter and receiver unit.
Placed around a hazardous machine or zone, safety mats keep control of the whole area.  The machinery will be stopped at any time the operator stops on the mat.
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Manufacturers available:  Carlo Gavazzi, AEG/EEC, Omron, and others.
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