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Strip Heaters
Strip heaters are just as the name indicates. A flat metal heater whose width and length are manufactured to different sizes, depending on the application. They can also be categorized by the mechanism of heat transfer, such as radiant strip heaters. Sheath material can be composed of zinc-coated steel or stainless steel with mica or mineral insulated material used as the insulating material between the sheath and the heating core. Incoming voltage termination can be from terminal studs to armored covered cable, depending on the application. Watt density may be up to 100 watts /sq. in. with sheath temperatures reaching 1400 degrees F.(760 degrees C.). One style of strip heaters allows the addition of metal fins to be added to the sheath, which makes the heater adaptable for forced air applications. Applications range from thermoforming, hot plates and zinc pots.


* Dies and molds 
* Tank and platen heating 
* Thermoforming 
* Packaging and sealing equipment
* Ovens Food warming equipment 
* Vulcanizing presses 
* Duct, space and air heaters 
* Incubators 
* Autoclaves 
* Freeze and moisture protection
Manufacturers Available:  Watlow, Bucan, Fast Heat, and others

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